Infinity International Power, Inc.
Mr. Arthur Lim is the Managing Director of Infinity International Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
Mr. Lim's background are in the oil and gas, onshore, offshore, power plant, waste management and marine coatings.
Prior to setting up Infinity International Malaysia. Mr. Lim was with ICI Paint Malaysia and later Regional Manager of International Paint Malaysia, fully owned by Courtauld Coating Inc United Kingdom. As Managing Director/CEO of UBT Building Technology Sdn Bhd he was responsible for sales, marketing and operation of the companies. He was involved in Malacca 1st and 2nd Refinery construction. Supplying of protective coating for most of the tanks internal and external. Kuala Lumpur Monorail project and other Oil and Gas on shore and off shore Coatings.
He has more than 20 years experience in protective coating and corrosion division. He has been trained under Specialty Coatings in the USA.
Recently, he is also involved in the marketing of semiconductor of RFID and LED'S. He also are involved in the manufacturing of baby furniture products and promote natural health dietary supplement products in Asia Pacific. He traveled extensively to Philippines, Singapore, India and the Far East to expand those products. He has a lot of contacts throughout Asia and are very well respected in all the industries he is involved.
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