Infinity International Power, Inc.
Mr. Phillip Lim, one of the founding members of Infinity International Power, Inc., is the Chairman of the company.
Born in Malaysia, Mr. Lim received his early education in Melaka, Malaysia. He attended Preston college of TAFE in Melbourne, Australia with studies in sales and advertising. He further attended courses in success and leadership at Dale Carnegie in Birmingham, Alabama. Following these achievements, he then was successfully accepted at University of Phoenix, Phoenix Arizona for his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing.
He has received numerous achievement awards and recognition throughout his career. He is a businessman with extensive knowledge and experience in the food and beverage industry, as well as the import and export industry. Through his many years of experience and entrepreneurial skills, he has been responsible for the success of numerous business ventures.
Mr. Lim is a master in the food and beverage industry. He worked for many years from a dishwasher to a management position in a famous family dining restaurant chain in the US. He then exercised his experience and started a small to-go and catering restaurant. Having built it from scratch, he expanded his ideas and successfully conceived a chain of catering and franchising restaurants in Malaysia. In 1995, he was named restaurant entrepreneur in the Melaka Tourism Industry magazine in Malaysia with worldwide distribution.
With his diverse background and experience as well as many international business contacts, Phillip Lim will be a valuable asset to the growth and success of Infinity International Power, Inc..
He is widely known in the Far East and is very well respected by his close allies. One of the key element to his success is partly due to his sincere commitment in the involvement of the manufacturing sector and the great support from family members.
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